TV show episode ratings

Posted on Sat 28 May 2016 in Visualisation

This post is about a simple visualisation of the episode ratings of TV shows. The idea behind this is heavily borrowed from Graph TV. I use that site often and really like it, but the plots it generates are based on IMDb rating data. I’ve always wanted something similar but using rating data instead, so I decided to write a script to do just that.

Below are the episode ratings for the top 10 most popular shows, according to The plots are interactive. You can hover over a point to get more information on the episode or pan/zoom on the data using the tools on the bottom left of each plot.

I will likely create a small web app to make it easier to generate the plots online for any tv show at some stage in the future, but if anyone is interested in generating similar plots for other shows now, the Python code to generate the plots is available here on GitHub. A Jupyter notebook with the code can also be found here.